Wu-Long Tea Bags
Wu-Long Tea Bags
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Ever since Oprah and Rachel Ray endorsed Oolong tea for its fat burning capabilities, there has been a strong growing demand for Wu-Long Slimming Tea.

All tea made from the tea bush camelia sinensis, fall into three main categories: black teas, which are fully oxidized before drying by a careful withering process; green teas, which are dried quickly while unoxidized; and Oolongs, which are somewhere in the middle and combine the best qualities of both.

The Chinese have known about the wonderful benefits of wulong tea for thousands of years ranging from a number of health issues from headaches to depression. Now-a-days it is used for a numbers of other applications such as the treatment of certain cancers and even heart disease. But one relatively unknown fact is that wulong tea can help you burn fat - 2 1/2 times more than green tea and helps keep the extra pounds off and trim your physique.

The tea we sell is 100% Wu Long tea. It does not contain any additional dietary supplements, diet aids, or any other additives.

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1. Place 1 tea bag in cup.
2. For best taste, use water just before boiling. For stronger taste, use boiling water.
3. Steep 1-2 minutes, or according to taste.
4. Enjoy!

Pkg contains 100 tea bags. Enough for 1 month's supply. 3 cups a day
If you are drinking Wu-Long tea for the first time you may consider drinking 3 cups every other day for a week or two then 3 cups a day every day thereafter depending on you concerns. Or 1-2 cups a day for a week or two then 3 cups a day thereafter.