Ningxia Wolfberries - Dried - 16oz
You've benefited from the juice of the Ningxia wolfberry, now experience the power of the actual dried berry. Ningxia wolfberries are powerful antioxidants and provide an array of nutrients and protein as one of nature's most nutritious fruits. Slightly tart in flavor, add Young Living's whole dried Ningixa wolfberries to baked goods, cereal, salad, trail mix and more. (Learn More About Ningxia Wolfberries)


Mix dried berries with other nuts and seeds or eat them right out of the bag.  You can also soak them in Ningxia Juice for an hour or overnight.  This mixture can be consumed as is or added to yogurt.  Be creative.  There are endless ways to consume them to derive their nutritive value.

Keep in a cool, dry place.