Indium Energy - (90) 24mg tablets
Energy & Anti-Aging

What your body really needs to trigger its natural age-reversing, health enhancing powers is
anti-aging defense.

Indium, the 49th element, is a healthy, nutritional trace element which is not found in our food chain.

Research shows that aging is precipitated by the decreased production of important hormones.

Indium counters this energy draining trend by stimulating hormonal production to youthful levels, triggering your body's natural anti-aging defense.

Indium Energy is made from a potent formula containing the purest Indium with several other essential minerals which are absorbed at astonishingly higher rates than normal. This enhances the body’s assimilation and use of minerals, resulting in life extension and health promoting benefits.

Users report increased energy, improved sight, sense of well being, relief from migraines, weight control and more!

Indium sulfate, copper (as Oxide), selenium (as Amino Acid Chelate), dicalcium phosphate, microcrystalline cellulose, steric acid, silicon dioxide, magnesium sterate, zinc oxide, potassium iodide, magnese amino acid chelate, chromium amino acid chelate

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