Hibiscus Flowers
Hibiscus Flowers
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Hibiscus tea made from the hibiscus flower - hibiscus sabdarrifa - clearly was the beverage favored by the Pharaohs of the ancient Nile Valley when they wanted to refresh themselves in the desert heat. In fact, Hibiscus Tea, throughout history until the present, has been a preferred beverage in many cultures including China, Mexico, the Caribbean, and even Europe.

Hibiscus tea is not only delicious, but it is also a very healthy beverage!

Studies have shown that drinking hibiscus tea can efectively lower high blood pressure and reduce high cholesterol levels in many individuals. (Internal Medicine News, Feb 2009)

In yet another instance, scientists in Taiwan reported in The Journal of the Science of Food Agriculture that hibiscus tea made from the hibiscus flower (Hibiscus sabdariffa) may help control cholesterol, and thereby reduce the risk of heart disease. Scientists stated that the extract from the hibiscus flower significantly lowered the cholesterol content in the blood serum of lab animals, and successfully prevented oxidation of low-density lipoprotein. The extract has also been used in folk medicine to treat high blood pressure and liver disorder.

According to a 2004 study published in the journal Phytomedicine (2004;11:375–82), people suffering from hypertension can lower their blood pressure significantly by drinking hibiscus tea daily. The study included seventy people - half of whom drank 16 ounces of hibiscus tea before breakfast daily or ingested 25 mg of an antihypertensive medication (captopril) twice daily. After one month, the hibiscus tea drinkers’ diastolic blood pressure was reduced at least 10 points in 79% of the participants; blood pressure in the medicated group was reduced at least ten points in some 84% of the participants - a statistically insignificant difference.

Besides lowering high blood pressure and high cholesterol, this healthful hibiscus beverage has several characteristics that make it much more valuable than conventional teas.

•hibiscus and hibiscus mint tea are caffeine free
•hibiscus tea is also rich in Vitamin C
•hibiscus tea has a unique, delicious taste
•hibiscus tea has a smooth, pleasant fragrance
•hibiscus tea has a distinctive, vibrant, natural color
•hibiscus tea is great served hot or cold
•hibiscus tea has long been known to act as a natural body refrigerant in North Africa...

The Nile Valley, where hibiscus flowers have been grown in the rich silt for centuries, produces some of the world's finest hibiscus tea. Our Hibiscus is imported directly from the Nile Valley.

Whether you're looking for an herbal remedy to lower high blood pressure or possibly even high cholesterol, an alternative to green tea, or a caffeine free beverage rich in Vitamin C, hibiscus tea or diabetic tea may just be your answer!

To make 1 gallon of tea, start with 1/2oz of hibiscus flowers.
Boil 18-2 oz of water, remove from heat. Add 1/2oz of flowers, cover and let steep for 15 minutes. (Adjust the amounts according to strength of tea you desire.) You can add a fews thin slices of ginger root or ginger powder or lemon for variety. Sweeten with agave rather than sugar to optimize the beneficial properties of the flowers.

Pour the warm liquid (minus the flowers) into a gallon container than fill with ice and water and stir. Add more agave and/or lemon to taste.