d-Lenolate® Topical
d-Lenolate® Topical
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d-Lenolate Topical Skin Treatment Formula

Skin Care with the Healing Power of the Olive Leaf
  • Patented, 100% all-natural topical formula
  • Relief from skin inflammation
  • Pathogen remover
  • Heals, soothes, and protects skin with combination of highly-concentrated, liquid d-Lenolate® and Aloe Vera, with MSM, Vitamins A, C, and E, distilled water and GotaKola

Using the healing power East Park’s d-Lenolate®, this topical formula provides natural solutions to fight vitally every chronic skin problem. d-Lenolate® Topical Skin Treatment Formula penetrates to the third layer of skin and in the presence of blood, transforms into nature’s most powerful and broad spectrum pathogen exterminator.

Supplement Facts
d-Lenolate® Topical is a natural solution for skin irritation that helps stabilize and repair skin tissue.

Recommended Use
It should be applied to and around the affected area with a circular motion, working it well into the skin until absorbed.

Each application should be accompanied with at least one d-Lenolate® capsule, with at least three (3) applications per day recommended. For those already taking d-Lenolate® capsules, there is no need to take more when applying the Topical.

Olive leaf extract (d-Lenolate®), water, dimethyl sulfone, l-ascorbate, allow bar badensis, cellulose gum, centella asiatica extract, tocopherol, borage officials seed oil, panthenol, bioflavonoids, diosmine, glycerin, retinol, vaccinium, myrtillius extract, ionic silver (*no benzol peroxide)