Redeeming Points

Q: How do I redeem my reward points?
A: You may redeem your points online at checkout by selecting “Apply Points” or by contacting Member Services at 1.800.371.3515. More information on point redemption can be found by logging in to Virtual Office and viewing the ER tutorials.

Q: How many points may I redeem each month?
A: You may redeem up to 350 points each month.

Q: If I cancel my enrollment in Essential Rewards, do I lose my points?
A: If you choose to cancel your enrollment in the Essential Rewards program, you forfeit all of your unused Essential Rewards points. You must contact Member Services to cancel enrollment. Your monthly participation in the program, if resumed, will accumulate points again at the 10 percent level.

Q: Do I retain points earned for returned products?
A: No. You will forfeit any points earned on products that you later return.

Q: How soon may I redeem points that I earn?
A: You earn points the minute your order is shipped. You may redeem points any time after you have participated in the program for two months.

Q: When redeeming my points, do I go by the dollar amount or the PV amount in the price list?
A: When redeeming Essential Rewards points, use the PV amount rather than the dollar value. For example, if you have 50 points, you may redeem them for any product with a PV value up to 50. Points may only be redeemed for products with full PV values. Not all products are eligible, and items purchased with Essential Rewards points are not returnable.

Q: May I use my points for promotional products, such as discounted items?
A: You may buy any regularly available products at regular price as part of your Essential Rewards order, but you will not receive the discounted pricing if the item is part of your Essential Rewards points order. Some promotional items may not be available for purchase at all using Essential Rewards points. Essential Rewards kits are not eligible, and some products are restricted for a time after they are released, such as products launched during our annual International Grand Convention. Contact Member Services at 1.800.371.3515 if you have questions about specific items.

Q: Do my points expire?
A: Yes. Unused points expire on a 12-month rolling basis, meaning they expire 12 months from when they were earned.

Redeeming ER points outside your market

With over 2 million members worldwide and products shipped to more than 143 countries, we know that many of our members travel the world to share Young Living. So what if you want to redeem your Essential Rewards (ER) points while visiting another market?

Here are some guidelines to help you plan ahead and make sure you always have your YL favorites, no matter where your journey may take you:
To redeem ER points in a market that is not your home market, you must be present in the market, and you may not redeem ER points on behalf of another member.

The market you are visiting may limit quantities or restrict products that you can redeem ER points for.

You will be allowed to place only two orders per month with ER points and can redeem only up to 125 ER points total per month in any market other than your home market. If you redeem 125 points on your first order, a second order will not be allowed.

You can redeem ER points for the Premier Aroma Collection only once per the life of your account, and this collection can be purchased with ER points only in your home market.

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