Q: How do I sign up for the Essential Rewards loyalty program?
A: You may sign up in one of two easy ways:
1. Online through Virtual Office, or
2. By phone at 1.800.371.3515

Q: May I change the items in my Essential Rewards order and still receive all of the benefits of the program? 
 Yes. You may change the items any time until 12 a.m. (midnight), MT, on your processing date (which is determined by you when you enroll in the program).

Q: May I make changes to my Essential Rewards order online?
A: Yes. You may make changes to your Essential Rewards order online at any time.

Q: If I wish to cancel my enrollment in the Essential Rewards program, can I do so online?
A: No. All Essential Rewards enrollment cancellations must be over the phone with one of our helpful Member Services agents.

Q: Do I need to place an order every month?
A: Yes. The Essential Rewards program offers rewards for shipments that process each month. Discounted shipping, earning loyalty gifts and reward points, and maintaining higher reward points percentages are contingent upon placing consecutive orders.

Q: Is a grace month still offered? 
A: As of November 1, 2016, the option to select a grace month is no longer available. Members will not be able to select this option online or call and request it through Member Services. If a member misses two or more orders within a year, he or she will have to start over with loyalty gift qualification and will begin accumulating points again at the 10 percent level. Any previously earned loyalty gifts will not be available upon requalification.