d-Lenolate Topical FAQs

Q: Can I use it with my prescription medicines/other supplements?

A: The hair and skin care products may be used at any time, but will be less effective if used in conjunction with an antibiotic cream or ointment.

Q: Is use of the Topical Skin Treatment Formula recommended for pregnant or nursing women?

A: Topical may be used during pregnancy or while nursing, but we highly recommend speaking to your obstetrician before using any herbal ointments during this time.

Q: How long has this product been on the market?

A: The Topical Skin Treatment Formula has been on the market since 1999.

Q: Can I swallow the Topical formula?

A: The Topical formula is not recommended for ingestion.

Q: I just started using the Cleansing Bar and the Topical Formula, but my condition is getting worse! What’s wrong?

A: Initially, when using the Cleansing Bar and Topical Formula, some customers do note an initial worsening of the condition they are using it against. Don’t worry. This is a typical — and even desired – reaction, as it shows the area is being purged of toxins. This is similar to the Herxheimer Response some people may experience when taking the d-Lenolate® capsules.