Branding is a marketing practice that creates a name for yourself that sets you apart from everyone else.  People will come to you because you have established yourself as someone who is reliable and can show them why you are the solution to whatever it is they are looking for.  It’s not about showing everyone how great you or even how smart you are, but it is about keeping yourself current and relevant to the people that you most want to work with. Having people see you as confident and committed, easy to talk to or communicate with, committed to your goals, having great respect and excitement about your product… goes a long way to making people want to do business with you.  

Once you brand yourself, you have to walk the walk. Remember, people who become interested in your product and buy your product will do so because of the impression you make on them.  They are essentially buying you, your message.  People want to deal with people that they can trust and believe in. So what value are you bringing to your prospects?  What makes you stand out from the pack?

Engaging in social media helps your image, helps your brand.  Social media can broadcast your message worldwide. If you are a fun-loving person, talk about the fun ways you network and make money. If you are philanthropic, talk about your charities.  If you are into fitness, talk about your lifestyle and why it’s important to you.

If you are a new member, it may hard and even scary to think about branding yourself when you are not even sure that you know what you’re doing.  So don’t think about branding yourself right away.  Take time to observe what you like to do, what you focus on, and what you are passionate about. Keep the idea of branding yourself in the back of your mind and allow it to come forward gently and slowly.
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