Network Marketing is like any other business.  To do what they do, doctors go to medical school, lawyers go to law school, teachers go to universities, plumbers and electricians enroll in apprenticeships or on-the-job training…

As a network marketer you should invest time and/or money to learn your craft, especially if you want to do this as a living.  There are plenty of books, DVDs, videos and literature that can provide invaluable information.  Read and learn as much you can. Additionally, nothing beats attending a live event.  This is where you can learn from ‘THE BEST.’  Attending these events will teach you to ‘think beyond.’ Thinking beyond your dreams, beyond your goals, will help you break limiting belief systems that you may have regarding income potential.  At the very least, these events give you more confidence that you can and will reach whatever goals you have established for yourself.
“I believe that at least 90% of my success in network marketing is directly attributable to my commitment to personal growth. How else could a dyslexic maintenance manager from remote Minnesota, deeply in debt, living in a 12×72 Garland trailer with no training at all become a millionaire with three homes and friends on every continent?”—Zig Ziglar

I am of the belief that good leaders are made, and not necessarily born.  I believe that we can all re-wire our brain to do more, learn more, achieve more.  If we are lacking in leadership skills, we certainly can develop these skills to become not only good, but great leaders.

Very successful network marketing depends on your not only being a good leader, but also on developing other good leaders in your organization.  Let’s examine some qualities that are characteristic of good leaders and see what we can do to improve.


A person who has vision is able to see his/her future with clarity and certainty. Even when present circumstances indicate otherwise, they dare to envision a healthier, wealthier, more abundant life. All their thoughts, all their actions, all their focus are directly aligned with their vision. They have a very strong belief system that allows them to envision their success not because they belief they will never have any obstacle, but because they belief that in spite of any obstacle they will charge forward.

Most of us want good things to happen to us.  We want good relationships, love in our lives, a good home to live in.  We want to be surrounded by beauty, financial prosperity, an enjoyable job.  We want to set goals and we want to see them accomplished, but believing can sometimes be very challenging depending on where you are in life and what you are being asked to believe in, either by yourself or others.  If you are barely making ends meet, for example, even thinking of generating $10,000 a month might be impossible to conceive.

Thank goodness, training yourself to believe in achieving a goal that is out of the scope of what you deem believable is do-able.  The trick is to initially consider goals that are somewhat a bit out of your reach-- a goal that is not too easy to achieve and not too impossible.  As you reach a goal, consider how you felt before you met it and what progress you made to get it. Immediately after reaching a goal, set a higher goal that is a little more challenging this time.  The idea is to continue growing and continue recording your achievements.

We have 90,000 thoughts per day.  They tend to be the same from day to day.  Every thought that you have creates who you are.  What you think about, you bring about.  Your thoughts can help you or they can sabotage your efforts and your success.  don't be your own worst enemy.  Make sure that your thoughts are moving you toward your vision.  remember:  Your thoughts i the past got you to where you are today.  Likewise, our future will be determined by whatever thoughts you have from this moment forward.

If you condition your thoughts for failure, you will fail.  If you condition your thoughts for success, you will succeed.  Stop showing off to yourself or others why this or that won’t work. Stop being the one that tells others why their idea won’t succeed.  Stop being cynical. And don’t flatter yourself if you have this trait.  It is a trait that comes very easily to us. It is being fed and nourished by 80% of the population, who think just like you.  Do everything to get out of that muddle, crawl your way out of it you must; but get out!  And do start believing in yourself and others. Do work toward optimism and hope. Do start having faith in yourself.  We were all wired for GREATNESS.  WE were wired to be ‘more than’ not ‘less than.’ So if your life is leaning toward being ‘less than,’ start re-wiring your brain for being ‘greater than.'  Start today.

Have conviction, be committed to your vision. Don’t be like the weeping willow that bends with the wind; stand tall and firm, like the mighty oak. Move on quickly after a disappointment.  Sometimes bad things happen to good people, i.e,  just as you are starting to make money, your company changes its compensation plan or policies; your upline didn’t support you at your last event;  one of your team members decides to leave your organization and join another group; you invited 15 people to an event, they all said they would be there, and at the day of the event no one shows up… Let off steam if you have to, but don’t prolong your resentment to the point that it starts effecting your business negatively.  Wallowing in self-pity sets the tone for failure. So be tenacious in the face of adversities, hold on to your conviction and learn to develop an I-can-do-in-spite-of-anything attitude.  Having THE RIGHT ATTITUDE, in whatever life throws at you is truly the mark of a great leader.

Remember:  When embarking on a new venture, commitment people never say, "Well, okay.  I'll give it a try.  I'll try for six months, a year...  They also don't say, "Well, I'll give it my best..."  

Rather, a committed person says:  "I'll do whatever it takes to make this work."

Mistakes:  Quitting on our business and then having to start again from the beginning.  Not following up and losing a prospect.  Not attending convention.  Forgetting to order which leads to our not getting paid.  Losing a prospect’s contact information. Not talking to a friend about becoming a member and having them join under someone else. 

Don’t fret when you make a mistake. Just remember:  Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. -- Confucius

The past does not necessarily equal your future. If you were a failure in the past, it does not mean you will be a failure in the future.  Learn to be forward-looking.  Look forward with hope, not backwards with regret.

Having just the right amount of confidence can be a challenge for both extroverts and introverts.  So no one has the upper hand on this one.  Some extroverts need to tone it down a bit so that they don’t appear boastful and arrogant. Some introverts need to step it up a notch so they can appear more relaxed and calm in front of their prospect(s).
I believe that both extreme extroverts and extreme introverts run the risk of being narcissistic. There are many people out there that have physical and emotional needs that are creating a lot of stress in their lives.  Others have financial concerns that are sucking the life out of them.  They all need our help. When the focus is on the prospect’s needs that should leave little time to think about our fears, our insecurities, our need to ‘close the deal,’ or meet our goal.

Some extroverts tend to think they know it all and don’t need training or tend to think they know better ways of doing something before they even make a cent.  Some introverts are too shy to ask for help, they don’t want to bother their upline so they wind up not getting trained and not growing their business successfully.

ADVISE:  Ask for help and be teachable. You have to be a good follower to become a good leader. Good leaders do not operate under desperation, they are inspirational.
Staying focused and being consistent is a huge asset in building a home-based business on a part-time basis.  A successful network marketer fills his/her calendar with intention and precision.  Only a real emergency will de-focus him/her from the task on hand.

Distractions: Personal Calls or Texting, TV, Mind Chatter, Chores, Daydreaming, Video Games, Social Media, Snacking, Thinking about Personal Problems, Social Engagements, Family, Pets, Friends, Medical/Dental Appointments…

When you are new to network marketing, it is difficult to stay focused when there are so many distractions that you hadn’t counted on. However, you can take action so that these distractions do not prevent you from accomplishing your goals.

The best thing to do is to make a schedule and stick to it. Schedule your work hours when you can anticipate less distractions:  When the kids take their nap, when other people are sleeping and you’re not likely to get incoming calls or visits, between meals…Be consistent about the number of hours you want to put into your business.  Have a running list of things that need to be done and prioritize.
Have a dedicated space to work and do not allow anyone entrance to your space without your permission.  Let anyone in your house, know that they are to respect your work schedule.  Set boundaries.

When you work:  Be consistent. Be focused. Do not answer personal calls. Do not listen to music. Do not daydream. Do not let anyone or anything steal your time. 
In network marketing you do have a team to help and support you, but your success will be directly proportionate to your efforts. So learn to be self-reliant and find ways to motivate yourself.  It’s nice not having a boss watching over your shoulder and demanding more, but as CEO of your company, ultimately the burden of laying down the law rests on you. And guess what?  You are your company’s only employee. So you are your own boss. What kind of boss do you want to be?  What kind of employee in your own company, do you want to be?           
Everyone, yes everyone, is a potential network marketing prospect.  Do not assume that a good prospects comes in a certain color, height, weight, age, physical abilities, language or skill set, educational level, financial status, personality,  employment field, health awareness… Be unassuming when you enroll a new member. You will never know if a new member will succeed until he/she does or doesn’t.
Successful people tend to be more creative.  If something isn’t working they create other ways of finding solutions to their problems.  They create new business strategies, new ways of looking at things, they think outside the box. The more they create the more creative and resourceful they become.

If you are lacking in creativity, here are some tips that will boost your creativity:
  • Work space: colorful, images of nature, combination of light blue and red colors, idea boards,
    comfortable chair, noise reduction, take breaks
  • Physical Activity:  hiking, nature walks; Eat healthily, drink water, get enough rest.
  • Take time to reflect, meditate, breathe properly.
  • Collaborate with others about new ideas you have about your business.
  • Make an argument against something you believe in.
  • Think of different ways of handling objections from customers or prospects. You will hear objections from your prospects that tend to be repeated again and again.  Think about these objections and have a scripted answer that will help you overcome these objections. The more creative you become with your responses the more creative and resourceful you will become.
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