This is crucial. If you want to have a sizable organization, you really want to be duplicatable.  Whatever you do, your organization will do.  If you, for example, do not enroll in the Essential Rewards Program, chances are your group won’t either.  A new member will talk to and enroll new members the way you talked to and enrolled them.  Your new member will probably have the same goals you do, if you develop a system. 
Your sponsor or upline more than likely has already developed a duplicatable system. Why reinvent the wheel; tap into theirs.  They are where you want to go, so learn from them and do what they do. This is crucial, especially at the beginning.  It will eliminate a lot of workload for you.  Only after you have tried their system, and you feel it really does not work for you, than and only than, should you develop one of your own.  Most upline members will not be at all offended if you go to them and tell them you would rather work your business differently. In fact, they may even offer some tips that might help you make an effective systems tailored to your needs and personality.

So, if you really want to develop one of your own be sure to include:
  • A Welcome Letter for new members.  This letter should include contact info, i.e. company #; upline information; books and resources and the such.
  • Enrollment Forms for prospects
  • Info on your team’s events, i.e. workshop, business meetings, conference or message calls, webinars
  • More detailed information on premium kits
  • Promoting the YL website and any other website that has information strictly for Young Living members
  • 25 Steps To Building Your Dream
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