You are in the business of contributing to your own and to other people’s physical, emotional, and financial well-being. How cool is that?  When you became a Young Living member, you were given the option of choosing to be a wholesale customers, a business leader, or both. Every member that you introduce to Young Living should be given those options.
Most networker marketers get very excited when a new member tells them they want to do the business.  But let me tell you, you should be just as excited when a new member says they just want to buy product.  There is an advantage to having both types of members in your organization.  Customers bring stability to your organization.  They have great respect for the product and they tend to be very loyal.  You should support these members as much as you can.  Don’t fret over the fact that they don’t want to do the business or talk to anybody about the product.  That is their choice and you should honor their choice. They are what keeps your organization sustainable, strong, and steady.  Show these members that you value them by keeping them plugged in and informed. Here are some ways to do to show your support:
  • Invite them to product information workshops or events.
  • Call them about new products.
  • Let them know about any promotion that you feel is worthy of mention.
  • Call them to let them know when the new catalogue is coming out or when the seasonal catalogue comes out.
  • Ask them if they are attending Convention or if you find out they didn’t attend, call them to inform them of something you learned.
  • Call them if they are at risk of losing their membership.
  • Call them just because…you want to know how they’re doing, you were thinking about them…
  • You don’t always have to talk about the business.  Your customers are part of your Young Living family; let them know you care.
In time, some customers may surprise you by deciding to do the business.  They turn out to be the best business leaders because of their passion for the product.
Once you have members of your organization wanting to do the business, you need to sharpen your leadership skills. Developing leaders is important to your business because leaders bring growth to your organization.  If you want your business to thrive and your team does not have a special meeting for business building, think about creating one on your own. Business meetings should talk about goal setting, rank advancement, strategies for strong and steady growth…

Talk to your upline to help you develop a great business building program.
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