“A goal is created 3 times.  First as a mental picture.  Second, written down to add clarity and dimension.  And third, when you take action towards its achievement.”  --Gary Ryan Blair
As you go about your daily activities do not become a victim of daydreaming.  Daydreaming can give a momentary lift, but it is not sustainable.  In fact, it muddles your brain and gives you an illusion of achievement.  Daydreaming traps you in a fantasy that bears little outcome.
Visualizing, on the other hand, gets you more of what you want.  It exercises and trains your brain. It gives you more confidence.
When you visualize, be creative.  As you visualize, imagine the object or goal you want to attain.  Using all your senses, feel the experience of successfully achieving your goal; feel it in every cell of your body. What does it feel, smell, taste or sound like? Visualize every step you took to get you to the end goal. Visualize yourself making a phone call or talking to someone while you’re out and about.  Visualize the conversation you had with this person. Visualize their attending a meeting and then becoming a member of your organization.  Visualize how each of you felt.  If your goal required more than one enrollment than visualize each person or thing that contributed to your success.  In other words, be creative and inclusive of everything that leads to your success.  This will help you develop better road maps to get you to your destination faster.

Remember:  If you do not know what steps to take to get to your goal, ASK FOR HELP.
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