12) The Concept Of Nexting
This may be one of the most difficult things to learn especially as a new member.  When someone says “No” to buying your product, becoming a member, or doing the business, this may be very traumatic for some people.  For some people, it may paralyze them to the point that they quit the business on their first ‘no.’ Some quit after the second or third… or 20th ‘no’.

Don’t you be one of those who quit because someone said ‘no’ to you?  At the beginning of any business you should expect 90 out of 100 people to say ‘No’ to you and 10 people to say ‘Yes.’ I don’t know where those ‘yes” people will be in the 100 people-that-you-talk-to line...at the beginning, in the middles, at the end, all in a row or all spread out.  So hang in there.  Everyone goes through this rejection, again and again.  The only difference between the people that succeed and the people that don’t is that those that succeed talk to a lot, lot, lot more people.  

So next time someone says ‘No’ to you, learn to say “NEXT.”  That person that said ‘no’ to you was not the last person left on earth that you can talk to.  There are plenty, I mean, PLENTY more. There is always a 'next' person to talk to.

Too many people are making so much money in this business – many are educated, professional, good-looking people;  just as many are not as bright as you, or as informed as you, or even as personable as you.  Do not look back or waste your thoughts on people that don’t want what you have to offer; they may come around some day or they may not.   Rather, focus on the person you have yet to meet, that ‘next’ person that will see the value in what you have to offer and will say “YES.”
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