When it comes to prospecting, we tend to act as if finding someone to talk to is next to impossible.  That is probably the biggest challenge most new network marketing distributors think they have.  “I don’t know anybody? Who am I going to talk to?”

The truth is, there are people everywhere. So many we can’t avoid them.  There are friends, family, acquaintances.  There are people we do business with: our co-workers or ex-co-workers, our dentist, acupuncturist, UPS deliverer, mailman, realtor…  There are people who telemarket us, people standing in line with us:  at grocery stores/department stores, at bus stops, sitting next to us in a plane.  There are people actively participating at the same events we are attending:  workshops, classes, networking meetings, volunteer groups, church, social gatherings.  There are people at games we attend or our children participate in:  soccer, football, tennis.  AND, there are millions of people in social media groups.
I don’t believe that finding people is the challenge.  I think, most new distributors are challenged because they don’t know what to say or how to get the conversation going.  They have no idea how to engage with someone new and how to get their message across.

New distributors have fear that they will come off as ‘pushy.’  They fear that people will think they are too much in their face.  They fear that people will run away from them next time they encounter that person.  And more importantly, they fear they will be rejected.  Most people cannot handle rejection.  It makes them feel bad about themselves.  It makes them feel they have done something wrong.  They will tend to use this fear as their motivating factor for not trying.
Successful people know that fear is something to be dealt with, something to conquer.  They work through their fear instead of being blocked by it.
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