What do you want? Why do you want it? When do you want it by? And...do you really, really want it?
In order to keep you going and working through all the obstacles that will come your way, you need to put a lot of thought into these questions. Do not make the mistake of skipping over this step. 
WHY:  Merely telling yourself that you want more money (or want to get out of debt, buy a new car, plan for retirement…) is not enough. Dig deeper than that. Why do you want more money?  Why do you want to buy a new car? Why are you planning for retirement?  What do you envision doing when you retire? Is it a matter of being self-sufficient, so you’re not a burden on your children or society?  Or do you see yourself traveling more, being more philanthropic, or having more time to be involved in the community? Or is it something else? Why do you want to buy a new car?  What is that car going to do for you?  Is it going to get you to your job?  Will it be for recreation? What kind of recreation?  Keep asking yourself why until you come to a place that you find your ultimate why.
Your ‘why’ has to be so resounding that nothing; not rejection, not self-doubt, not discouragement from others, not stages in your business where nothing happens; I mean NOTHING will keep you determined and committed to succeed.
WHAT:  What is important to you?
Health, Home, Family, Friends, Pets, Financial Abundance, Research, Travel, Teaching, Empowering Others, Creativity, Writing, Reading, Socializing, Having Alone Time, Physical Activity, Philanthropy, Leaving a legacy for your kids, a foundation, the world, Public Speaking, Education…
HOW:  How can I orchestrate my schedule around everything that is important to me while maintaining a dedication to my business and organization? For example:  How can I dedicate time to my family, my relationships, my friends and still works toward becoming successful in my business?  How do I find the balance?  How can I tie my passion for teaching to my business?  How can I start being philanthropic now and not wait until my business is hugely successful?
How do I want my business to grow?  Organically…just talking to people whenever I can, having no pressure to produce immediate capital…being here for the long haul at my pace?  Or do I want to grow my business strategically.  Work consistently…set goals, maximize my earning potential…do the four year career plan and become a millionaire? How will I train others to achieve the same success I have achieved?
How am I going to market myself, my business, my products…belly-to-belly, social media, website, direct mail post cards, surveys, event marketing, direct them to my upline…? (Keep in mind that a combination of strategies gets better results than only one way of marketing.)
WHEN:  When do I want to work? What hours do I choose to work that won’t have me sacrificing what is important to me. Do I want to wake up to an alarm?  Or do I want to wake up when my eyes open?  Do I want to work weekends? When do I want to take my vacation(s).  When do I take time for my needs, exercising, recreation, socializing…? When do I want to retire from this business?
WHERE:  Where do I want most of my business to come from…my immediate area, my state, my country, the entire globe... Do I want to work from home? Stay at home?  Do I want to travel?  How far?
UNDER WHAT CONDITIONS:  Do you want your upline to mentor you? Will you be willing to follow their directions… duplicate what they do?  Or do you want to go it alone? If so, why?

Set boundaries. You are after all an independent network marketer distributor. Don’t let anybody bully you into doing something you don’t want to do.  On the other hand, do remember that good leaders were initially good followers.  They sought people who were where they wanted to be and asked for their help and learned from their teachings.

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