Everyone who wants to succeed in this business should be enrolled in (and should encourage their members to enroll in) the Essential Rewards (Auto-Ship) Program. It is a good way to save money since your shipping is reduced. It also allows you to take advantage of certain discounts and promotions that are exclusive to Essential Rewards members. Additionally, up to 25% of your product volume each month is returned to you in the form of reward points that you can redeem for FREE product! 

And even more importantly, buying and consuming more nutritional supplements to your existing diet, moves you in the direction of more radiant health. And isn’t that the biggest benefit of being in this business—we get to focus on our health and get paid for it!

Remember: You are in the business of promoting better health care through better ‘self’ care. If you are encouraging others to change their lifestyle so that they can experience better health, than you have to lead through example. Today more than ever supplementing your diet is crucial.  Our food, in its present form is lacking in essential nutrients due to depleted soils, pollution, and chemical use.  The commercial applications of agriculture have not only depleted the soil of precious trace minerals, but they have also broken down the ability of plants to utilize those elements. That means that our food is nutritionally deficient right from the source.  Then our food is refined and processed, which further degrades the nutritional value.

Also, keep in mind that getting to know your products by reading about them is a good idea.  But experiencing the products is even better. Remember:  FACTS TELL, STORIES SELL.  If you are able to tell someone that you were feeling this way due to this or that and after taking x, y, or z you had less discomfort, more energy, better clarity…that can be more impressive than regurgitating data about the product.

I remember when I first did the 5-Day Nutritive Cleanse.  I had no idea what it would entail, how I would like it, or how I would feel while doing it.  But I called a few of my friends who had never shown interest in business or the products and explained a bit about the product, a bit about cleansing, and much more about how I really needed to lose some belly fat.  I asked if they would do it with me and I was surprised how little effort it took to ‘sell’ them on it. Everyone was on board.  They all invested in the product. When we all had it on hand I told them I would start a day ahead of them so I could report how it was going.  Those were the easiest enrollments I had ever made.  Those people have been loyal customers over these many years.

* * *
I would like to add one more thing about investing in your product:
If you really want to succeed in this Business, be loyal to your business.  If you owned Central Market, you wouldn’t shop at Whole Foods or Trader Joe's. So GET SMART and do not buy product from another store if your company carries that product. You will save time, money, earn reward points for FREE PRODUCT and contribute to the growth of your business!
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