Your upline is there to help and support you. Learn from them.  They have achieved a rank, not necessarily through luck and not necessarily because they happened to join the company before, maybe even way before you.  They are where they are because they are committed and they worked hard to get there. They blazed the trail for so many of us.  They were willing to train, educate, encourage and support others. They were willing to do what most people are not willing to do to succeed.

Your upline includes your sponsor and anyone upline to him or her.  So you may have more than one person upline to you. These people are there to help you whether they are directly above you or a few people up.  Get to know them.  Interview them.  Ask for their story of what got them involved with Young Living.  Ask them what they believe is their biggest contributor to their success.  

The beauty of this business is that because we are all independent network marketing distributors, we all have our unique, way of working our business.  If you expose yourself with the many ways that others have made their business work, it may help you tailor your business in a fashion that makes you feel more confident and have greater ease in achieving success.
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