Everybody is interested in personal stories. We all ask questions such as, “How did you meet your spouse, your friend, this person or that person…what got you interested in this or that hobby or interest, what made you decide to settle here?  Likewise, how you were introduced to your company and why you became a member or networking distributor will be of great interest to many.
Sharing your story is one of the best ways to market yourself.  People who do not like to sell may opt for this alternative. Sharing is easy because you are just sharing your experience and would like to invite others to check out what you are talking about.

Some members have such phenomenal stories that you may feel that your story is not a worthy one.  That is never the case.  If your story is sincere and you can articulate it in a way that aligns with your prospect’s needs, than you’ll do well in network marketing.

Your prospect just informed you that an extra $200 will enable her to get out of debt.
Your response:  Yes, I believe you could do that.  One of the reasons I joined the company was because I wanted to buy a car and I thought if I could make an extra $300 a month I could do it.  In the beginning I wasn’t sure that I could make it happen, I had never done this kind of business before and I didn’t want to sell.  But I had a great team of people helping me and before I knew it, there I was, making $300 a month. Today, of course, I make much more than that but I can still remember how excited I was with my extra $300 a month. Would you like me to call you sometime this week to see if we can coordinate a time to meet? Here's my business card, can I have yours?

An alternate response:  Yes, that is very possible.  You know, one of the reasons I joined this company is because I want to buy a car and I figured if I could make $300 a month I could do it.  Of course I was a little apprehensive about it at first since I’ve never done anything like this, but I started meeting with my sponsor and she told me her story about how she started off just like me and now her income is so much more than she ever imagined. Anyway, she put together a program tailored to my needs and based on the amount of time I could invest.  Now I’m off to a pretty good start.

So, if you are really serious about that extra $200 a month you would like, why don’t we make arrangements to meet with my sponsor and he (or she) can do the same for you.  Just come check it out.  If you find this is not for you, that’s fine, we’ll still part as friends; but maybe we’ll all see the benefit of working together.  Would you like me to call you sometime this week to see if we can coordinate a time to meet again? Here's my contact information, do you have a card with your contact info?
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