Most top earners in network marketing believe that PROSPECTING IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS. Most new members, however, do everything but prospect.  Most spend their time gathering information, researching the product and company, looking for sales aids, clearing out a working space... These are all important pursuits, all designed to give your more confidence and to give you a sense of accomplishment. But there comes a time when you have to do the work, the work of prospecting. You have to talk to people.  A business cannot survive if it has zero customers!  You are being rewarded financially to bring new customers to the company. That is your number one responsibility. And that thought scares many new members.

As new members push this very crucial element aside, they are literally not capitalizing on the one thing that gives them the advantage over more established distributors. That is:  Enthusiasm and excitement.  New members should capitalize on this beginner’s advantage. So dive in.

Let your prospects know that you are new to the products but already you have seen great benefits. Knowing that you are new, your prospects won’t be asking as many questions to you as they would a more seasoned member.  If they ask how a product works, you can get away with saying, “Great. They work great.”  If they get more specific and ask what makes it work.  You can come back with something like this:  “I don’t know.  All I know is that my child was feeling this way for x amount of time.  Nothing else was working and so I gave this product a try and within x time he was so much better…”  Remember: Facts tell.  Stories sell.  New members who dive right in and take advantage of their new member status do extremely well in this business.

If you are afraid to take the plunge, remember:  YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  Talk to your sponsor or anyone in you upline if you need help with any facet of the business.  They are there to help.   Don’t feel you are bugging anyone if you need extra help or if you need to refer a new prospect to them. (NOTE: If you are an established member and you procrastinated… there is still hope.)

I know this from experience.  Always the perfectionist, trying to get it right, I lost my initial stage of new member excitement and watched my friends that enrolled at the same time pass me by. But, I did eventually wake up. So if you made that same mistake, there is still hope.

Word of Advice:  Take immediate action and EARN WHILE YOU LEARN!

The truth is that in the beginning, converting a prospect into a member is very much a hit or miss, a matter of luck. The trick is to talk to as many people as you can.  The more people you talk to, the more luck favors you.  After a while, talking to a lot of people, will give you more experience and that will bring you even more luck. And if you really want your luck to increase, continue reading the rest of the 25 steps and do your due diligence consistently.  So read on and GOOD LUCK.

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