Your company’s CONVENTION is a BIG DEAL.  Make every effort to go to Convention as soon as you can.  While there, you will learn more about your product and company than you can ever read in a book or a pamphlet.  Here is where you will find out more about the great effort that the company makes to produce quality products.  Reading about it is one thing, witnessing is another.  You will be more confident that you are with the right company and you will be even more proud to promote your product.

Convention is also an opportunity to learn from the best.  Leaders impart their knowledge and their secrets of how they made it.  While standing in line for doors to open (part of the convention experience), you will also be able to talk to people like yourself that have turned their I-don’t-think-I-will-ever-make-it attitude into a resounding wow-I-can’t-believe-I’m-making it work.

If you want to make it big in this business, go to Convention and take as many people from your team as possible. Your success in this business will be directly proportionate to the number of members you take with you to convention.

While we are at it, make sure you attend every company sponsored event in your area. And again, encourage members of your organization to do the same. Consider giving out prizes to the person that brings the most guests.  This will also have a great impact on your business and make it grow faster.


It is not enough to merely inviting someone to an event, e.g., Convention, local meeting or workshop.  Always, always, always follow the Rule of 3:

1)  Invite/Inform:  When inviting your prospect(s) to an event, be sure to give them all the details. Inform them what the event will be about…show excitement; where it will be held (provide directions, phone #s; tell them the cost, if any; let them know if they have to pre-register; offer to carpool together and let them know who to look for if you cannot possibly make it.

2)  Follow Up:  If you invited them face-to-face, follow up with a flyer, an email, a text…  If you invited them electronically, follow-up with a phone call or face-to-face.

3)  Remind:
As the event gets closer, your prospect may absentmindedly forget about the event.  So 2-3 days prior to the event remind them again face-to-face, text, Facebook.  (Keep in mind:  People are reading their emails less and less so this may be one way of following it up, but not necessarily as reliable.)
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