When you enrolled with Young Living, you made your first and wisest decision as C.E.O. of your newly-formed business.  For under $200, you bought yourself:
  • A warehouse that constantly stocks 500+ natural, organic, & green products
  • a shipping department to ship all your orders for you and your organization
  • a department to take and place orders
  • a customer service center to help you and your potential customers with any concern, ranging from returns, to information on product;
  • a research & development team that keeps up with the latest technology in formulating product
  • a publishing department that produces all the product guides, brochures and CDs
  • upline support that will help you achieve your goals
  • and so much more

This purchase was better than any franchise worth 100s of thousands of $$$.  Respect what you have.  This is a great career move. You get to focus on your overall well-being, you teach others to do the same, & you get paid for it! 


Because we are independent contractors for our company we do not have a BOSS.  Because we do not have a boss there will be NO ONE telling us what to do.  Because we have no one telling us what to do, we may wind up doing little or NOTHING at all. Don’t let this happen to you. Network Marketing works.  Can you make it work for you?

Do something every day, for an hour, two hours, four hours…you choose.  In the beginning it may be familiarizing yourself with the Young Living website or the Herbs & things website. They both have so many tips not only on product but also on member resources. Or work on your Prospect List.  Or practice how you want to introduce your business or product to a new customer. Do something every day from the onset so you can begin good habits that will yield results. Establishing a good work ethic from the beginning will help you transition to more demanding duties as your business grows.  If you need help prioritizing your time, do ask your sponsor or upline for help.  They will be better equipped to tell you what tasks will yield better results.
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