Rank Requirements 

 Star:  $500 Mo. Vol.

 Senior Star:  $2000 Mo. Vol.

 Executive:  $4000 Mo. Vol.
                   2 Legs ($1000 ea.)

 Silver:  $10,000 Mo. Vol.
              2 Legs w/$4000 ea.
               + $1000 Vol. outside
               of the 2- $4000 Legs
Young Living Income Disclosure Statement

Young Living Income Disclosure Statement

As you can see from the Young Living 2015 Income Disclosure Statement, there are 7 paid ranks in the Young Living Compensation Plan.  The average monthly income shown for each of the corresponding ranks is exactly that--an average.  For example, not every Senior Star will get exactly $261 each month.  Some will make more, some less.  It is all dependent on various factor such as monthly volume, the number of newly enrolled distributors, etc.  The numbers above, however are good benchmark figures.

I believe that achieving STAR AND/OR SENIOR STAR should be considered a must for all Young Living members.  Once achieved it, the monetary compensation from Young Living will enable a member to purchase their monthly supply of health supplements, essential oils, and other great products for the home and family. This would result in better health and a better lifestyle.  

Achieving the EXECUTIVE rank will allow you to cover the cost of your monthly order. It will also allow you to have enough money left over each month to make payments on a car, pay your utility bills, pay off credit card debt or put more toward savings or investments.  Another great idea is to use your Young Living commission check to save for a home or to make extra payments on your mortgage.  You'll have fun watching your equity rise.

SILVER is the first rank in the Leadership ranks. Most people that achieve the rank of Silver go on to become extremely successful in network marketing. The sheer momentum of their past efforts propels them forward with greater ease.

There are only 5 Steps to Silver.  The first 3 steps are about Creating Your Foundation.  The beginning of your networking career (Step1) will be a focused and concentrated effort on creating your business. This may give you little time to focus on more than one step.  After you are on Step 2 or Step 3 of the Creating stage, however, you may be able to do your Evaluating (Step 4) and Duplicating (Step 5) stages simultaneously.