D-Lenolate +

D-Lenolate +

                                                 and we guarantee it!

No one is immune from the headaches, stuffy noses, sore throats, aches and coughing that come with having a cold or the flu. Colds and flu are the most common ailments of mankind. They touch almost every family in the world yearly, bringing untold misery and sometimes even death.

Both colds and flu are caused by viruses and ther is no cure for them. Because these viruses are extremely strong, they can surive and remain active for up to three days on any surface and withstad extreme temperature. Antibiotics are totally ineffective against these viruses.

East Park Research, Inc. has developed a product to stop the suffering from cold and flu--D-lenolate+.

D-lenolate containes all-natural ingredients that actually eliminates viruses that cause cold and flu, instead of just masking the symptoms.

D-lenolate contains the powerful weapon, d-LENOLATE. This pateneted olive leaf extract formulation is proven to kill the viruses which cause colds and flu.

The American Society for Micro-biology reported that, "the active ingredient in d-lenolateinactivates all myxoviruses." This means that d-Lenolate is effective against ALL the viruse that cause the flu. 

D-lenolate contains potent olive leaf extract plus Neem Tree extract, an ancient ayurvedic herb used for centuries to abate colds and flu. Also present is a balanced homeopathic formula containing six ingredients expressing 18 potentcies so as to be effective for all types of individuals in addressing all unusual symptoms of these maladies. Because of this unique combination, you can get relief from your symptoms in hours rather than day or weeks. 

D-lenolate will not just mask your symptoms with chemicals. It goes beyond providing tempory relief from the symptoms of flu-d-lenolate+ actually gets rid of the virus.

If you take it promptly after the first sign of an oncoming cold or flu, a complete remission of symptoms can occur in just hours.

Supplement Facts
  • d-Lenolate® Plus: Cold and Flu combines the power of their signature immune defense product, d-Lenolate®, and other active ingredients like neem leaf extract, an ancient ayurvedic herb that has been used for centuries to abate colds and the flu.

    Recommended Use

    At the onset of symptoms:
    • Adults should take 2 tablets four times a day
    • Children under 6-years old should take 1 tablet four times a day

    Seek the advise of a health care professional or pediatrician for children under 3-years old or if you are pregnant or nursing.

    Maximum number of days of recommended use: 9 consecutive days