Commission FAQs

Q.  As a Young Living distributor, am I eligible for commissions if I place a $50.00?

You are only eligible to receive a Start Living (Enrollment Kit) Bonus and a Fast Start Bonus. 

In order to receive additional bonuses or commissions from other established members of your organization you must place a $100 PV order.
Q.  What is a Start Living Kit Bonus?

A.  If on a month that you place a $50+ order and you also enroll a new member that buys THE PREMIUM STARTER KIT,  you receive a $25.00 bonus on top of your commission for that order.

Q.  What is a Fast Start Bonus?

A.  A Fast Start Bonus is paid to an enroller who has placed a $50+ PV order and signs up a new distributor on the same month.  This bonus pays 25% on the volume of the new enrollee's orders for the first three months.  If, for example, the new enrollee purchases $100 PV the first month he enrolls, and $100 on the second month, and $100 on the third month, then you as the enroller will receive $25 each month for a total of $75 during the 3-month period.  A maximum of $200 will be earned by the enroller per month.

The person who enrolled you will receive a 10% commissions on your new enrollee order.  You will also get paid a 10% commission on the orders of new enrollees that the distributors you enroll sign up.
Q. How are commissions paid out?

A.  In order to receive commissions on existing members of your organization, you must place a $100+ PV order.  You will receive 8% commissions on everyone you personally enroll and sponsor and 5% on your Level 2 distributors.  If you do not place a minimum $100 on any given month, you will not receive commissions for any orders in your organization for that particular month.

Any member that you personally enroll and sponsor are referred to as your First Level or Level 1 distributors. If anyone first level to you personally sponsors and enrolls a new member(s), that new member or members is referred to as your Second Level or Level 2 distributors.

Keep in mind that commissions are paid after the 20th of each month for sales that accrued the month before.  Example:  If you place a $100 order in January and you enrolled a new member that same month, around the 21st of Feb you will receive a fast start bonus, a Start Living Bonus (if that new distributor purchased a qualifying kit), and a percentage of your sales volume for January.

Q.  If someone on my second level enrolls a new member, will I get commissions on that member’s orders.

A.  In this case that member would be on your third level.  If in any month, your order and all the orders of every member of your organization adds up to $500+ only then will you receive 4% commissions on anyone on your 3rd level.

When the volume of your entire organization, which also includes your order, reaches $500+, you achieve the rank of STAR.  All distributors in this rank get paid through 3 levels.
Q.  What is the next rank after STAR?

A.  The next rank after Star is SENIOR STAR.  This rank is achieved when you place a minimum $100+ PV order and the volume of all the members in your organization, along with yours, reaches $2000.

A Senior Star gets paid on 4 levels.  You receive 4% commissions on all PV volume on your 4th level.
Q.  What is the next rank after SENIOR STAR?

A.  The next rank after SENIOR STAR is EXECUTIVE.  An EXECUTIVE receives commissions through 5 levels:  Level 1 – 8%; Level 2 – 5%; level 3 – 4%; Level 4 – 4%; and Level 5 – 4%.

  1. PV - $100 (PV is your product or personal volume for the month)
  2. OGV - $4000 (OGV or Organization Group Volume is all volume of all orders made by yourself and all members in your organization.)
  3. 2 Legs of $1000 OGV EACH  (This means that two members that are first level to you each have to have $1000 OGV.)

Q.  Are there other bonuses that I can qualify for when I am first starting out?

AYes!  All distributors who have reached the rank of Star, Senior Star, or Executive qualify for the RISING STAR TEAM BONUS.  This is a unique program that allows you to earn shares of all Young Living global monthly commissionable sales.