Oil Spritzing
Spritzing or water misting is another ideal method of applying essential oils to your pet(s).  Generally, 1 drop of oil per 1 ounce distilled water is poured into a spray bottle.  This makes it easy to apply oils uniformly.  You can also use this method on wounds or in areas of injury. 

If your pet is a first time user of essential oils, it is better to dilute in a 1 drop to 4oz of water ratio.  Then slowly increase the amount of oil.  After your pet is exposed to oils for some time, you can increase the drops to as many as 15 drops to 4oz of water depending on the health concern. 

Since animals' bare feet are exposed to many toxins, it is wiser not to apply oils on the bottom or pads of the feet since the oils will drive toxins further into the body.

EYE SPRITZING can be made using 1 drop of therapeutic-grade lavender (lavandula angustifolia) to 1 oz water in a spray bottle.  (1 dp oil to 4oz water ratio for first time users.)  This promotes good eye health.  It is great for humans.  Cats may not be too receptive. 

Shake bottle well, mist into eyes or surrounding eye tissue.  The idea is not to have you eyes wide open or shut tight. It's okay and beneficail for some of the mixture to get into eye.  Have a bottle of V6 handy, though you probably won't need it.