Oil Petting

A fun method of oil application for pets is to apply topically.  Place 1 drop of oil in the palm of your hand.  Take your 3 middle fingers of your opposite hand and rotate the drop of oil in your palm 3 times, clockwise.  Bring palms together.  After the oil drop is absorbed through your palms, start petting.  If your friend is furry, don't worry.  The oil will travel through the hair and into the skin efficiently.

Please note:  Avoid the eye area.  Also, tipping the ears is tempting, however, oil absorbs so much faster in this area that some animals may not like this.  If an animal has a bad first time experience with an oil, it may be turned off to oils for quite a while.

Be sure not to bring a bottle of oil to an animal's nose.  Their sense of smell is very keen and that might be somewhat overwhelming.

Valor a good essential oil blend that is an ideal starter for your neophyte friends.  It does contain conifer oils, but is diluted with olive oil. For this reason animals react positively to Valor

As your pet gains experience with essential oils, you may start using other oils and blends.  After a while you may not need to let the oils absorb through your palms first before petting.  Dropping oils directly on an experienced pet is a good goal to have. 

Remember, each animal is unique.  Take your time in introducing your pet to new oils.  Don't speed up the process of application unless you have an emergency on hand. It is a good idea to use oils on a healthy pet to keep him healthy.  If you do run into health challenges with your pet, having exposed it to the oils before hand will speed up recovery time.