Culinary Essential Oils

Essential oils, with their intoxicating aromas, can be powerful food flavoring agents.  They are great when added to teas, cooked meals, drinks, and even desserts.  It only takes 1 drop of a pure essential oil to turn any meal into a rich, exotic, and tantilizing experience.

Please Note:  Young Living essential oils are therapeutic-grade essential oils.  Every bottle is filled with nothing but pure essential oil;  no additives or solvents are added to volumize or adulterate the oil. As such, our oils can be ingested. 

" A drop or two of cinnamon, peppermint, oregano, or any other essential oil added to a recipe will definitely contribute to a total internal purification without any harmful effects.  In addition, these powerful aromatic molecues will neutralize toxins remaining in the intestinal track from any junk food ingested in the past.  Also, the rich tastes and aromas of the oils will stimulate the olfactory and taste receptors to generate endorphins, which are themselves powerful healing substances.  The overall effect on the immune system for all age groups is tremendous- a fact that many doctors and therapists in France have known for years... remember to use only therapeutic-grade essential oils." - Dr. Daniel Pénoël, M.D.