Frankincense Research


The following You Tube video introduces Dr. Mahmoud M. Suhail, MD, one of the world's foremost researchers on alternative medical therapies. Most recently, he has worked with scientists from the Universitiiy of Oklahoma to study the effects of frankincense and cancer cells.

As far as using Frankincense to treat cancer, Dr. Suhails claims:  "This is ancient knowledge.  Thousands of years ago, they were doing this. An 11th centruy Arab doctor called Avicena was the first.  He treated melanoma [a form of skin cancer] with frankincense.

As ancient people discovered more and more about about the health healing properties of frankincense, and demand for the resin increased, many tried to take trees and grow them elsewhere. "But this doesn't work," says Dr. Suhail.  There are trees from Oman now growing in Somalia and India, but their chemical properties have changed.  Here they grow just right.  The limestone soil and the early morning mist combine to create the perfect conditions.  It means Oman does produce the best frankincense in the world.  [Remember:  Young Living is the only distiller of sacred frankincense from Oman.]

In this video, Dr. Suhail mentions Dr. HK Lin.  Dr. Lin received his MS degree in genetics and PhD in immunology from Cornell University.  He completed his post-doctoral training in biochemistry and pharmacolgy at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.  Currently he is the director of the Regenerative Medicine Laboratory, an associate professor of urology, an adjunct professor of physiology, and a member of the Graduate Education Committee for both the department of Physiology and the Oklahoma Center for Nueroscience and at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center.

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