Young Living First Steps

As a Young Living member, you have choices.  If you joined Young Living for the sole purpose of buying wholesale and becoming healthier, that is fine.  We are here to support  you in your quest for optimum health. 

Along the way, however, you may find that you love the products so much that  you start sharing them with others.  You start inviting people to our essential oil workshops or you may lend them a book that piques their interest.  Should  they decide that they also want to become members, you may show them how to do that  or you may ask your sponsor for help. 

This is one way of organically growing your business.  Many people have been financially successful doing  just this without  paying much attention to what they consider the “tediousness” of learning about the compensation plan and other bonus structures.

If you, on the other hand, already see Young Living as a viable and rewarding way to earn a steady stream of income, click on the icon (below) to learn more about maximizing your earning potential.