Terms & Definitions


It is the product value assigned to each particular product; excludes shipping, tax... The price of the product may not always be the same as the PV.  The PV is sometimes less.  When you place your orders, the system will calculate your PV.  Look for the PV amount on your invoice.  DO NOT HIT ‘SUBMIT’ UNTIL YOU VERIFY YOUR PV. 

Inadequate PV may keep you from qualifying for sales promotions, bonuses, and/or commissions!!!

When you first become a Young Living member, you are the only person in your organization.  Every time you introduce people to Young Living and sign them up as members either on-line or by phone, they will each become part of your organization. You are part of your own organization.  Your group is referred to as your DOWNLINE.   You will be UPLINE to everyone in your group.  The person who enrolled you is also your UPLINE as is the person who enrolled your enroller…

the combined monthly PV of yourself + all the members of your organization.  When you log in to your Young Living account on-line, you can click on the "View Your Downline" tab on the left to view all the members in your organization.  You will be able to view your own PV and the PV of all members in your organization.  You can also view your OGV. 

Personal Group Volume (PGV)
For Silver or higher ranks in the 
compensation plan, Personal Group Volume is determined by the sales volume of the organization directly supported by the distributor. PGV accumulates throughout each commission period. This is the sum of PV from the distributor down to, but not including, the next Silver or higher rank for each leg of the sales organization. PGV in these cases does not include any Silver or higher rank and the entirety of volume in their organization. PGV also does not include any volume from qualifying legs used for rank qualification in a commission period. 

You as a new member will generally be the sponsor of any new member you enroll. However, as your organization grows, sometimes it is advantageous to place a new member directly under another member in your organization.  When you place the new member under someone else, that someone else will be the sponsor. That person will be receiving the enrollment, star performance, and matching bonuses.

Any person you personally enrolled and sponsor as well as any person enrolled by upline member & placed under you, is considered a leg.  Person “A” (a leg directly under you) will form new legs when he/she enrolls new members.  This will in turn make Person “A” a strong leg under you. 

When you log in to your Young Living account, to view your downline, every member that has a "+" sign in front of their name has signed up members under them.  You can click on that "+" sign to see the names of people that member has enrolled.

A Young Living member reaches the rank of executive when their Organization Group Volume (OGV) is at least $4000 in one month and they themselves have ordered $100 for that month.

All persons that are members of your organization are considered your downline.

The person that enrolled you as well as the person that enrolled them are your upline.