Indium & Sports Performance

Excerpts from INDIUM:  THE MISSING TRACE MINERAL by Dr. Robert Lyons

The strenuous exerciser, who normally stops exercising due to muscular pain, should be able to increase his workouts by 10% without pain.  Indium helps reduce the painful buildup of lactic acid by removing it more quickly from the tissues.

One interesting but anecdotal story of the use of indium relates to the owner of a racing horse.  After retiring the horse from a successful racing career, the owner supplemented the horse’s feed with indium for two weeks.  Immediately thereafter, the old horse ran in six races, winning all six and setting two new track records.

Other anecdotal reports indicate that indium helps with any exercise routine.  Some reports mention an even greater benefit for those over 40 than those under 30.  This seems reasonable given that age-related decline in almost all hormonal substances in the body begins in the 30’s, and perhaps the effect of these decreased hormones is felt more strongly after 40 years of age.

Even so, a study performed in Budapest, Hungary which should be published in a prominent, peer review journal in the coming months, demonstrated that even 20 to 30 years olds can benefit from indium supplementation.

The study was conducted using 15 male subjects who were all members of Hungary’s National Kung Fu Championship Team.

Blood work showed all subjects to be free from parasites and disease.  Then each one was measured for stamina.

For 60 days, each subject was given one drop of indium on the tongue per day on an empty stomach.

After 60 days, all were retested.  Thirteen out of 15 showed 20% improvements in overall stamina and no side effects were noted by any of the subjects.

Two of my patients in their late thirties and early forties are long distance runners so I tried an experiment with them.  They each took one drop of indium per day for two weeks.

After two weeks, they both reported that they were able to run about 30% farther.

Two of my body builder friends took indium as their sole supplement and ate regular food for 90 days.  After two months, they were able to bench press 40% more weight.

Athletes should not supplement with creatine while taking indium.  Indium has been shown to increase the uptake of creatine in the blood over 500%.  This level of creatine in the blood could pose a serious health risk.