Indium & Weight Loss

Excerpts from Indium: The Missing Trace Mineral by Dr. Robert Lyons

Dr. Henry Schroeder, the scientist who pioneered the work on removing lead from gasoline, also conducted dozens upon dozens of experiments related to indium.  His work also extends to the use of indium for weight loss. This was actually discovered in his 1971 study of indium and cancer.

He found that the use of indium resulted in a lower body weight.  At even the lowest levels of supplementation, weight loss and/or lack of weight gain was noticed.

Of even more interest is the fact that indium was more active in females than males.  Since women have less muscle mass than men, indium may give them the extra boost they need to lose weight.  Anecdotal reports by users indicate that both men and women experience the weight loss they desire, so perhaps this difference is only a scientific anomaly.

In the 1971 study, Dr. Schroeder graphed very interesting results.  He found that, after maturity, females without indium added 20% of their weight as fat, while those supplementing with indium added on no fat at all.  He also discovered that those using indium had better health than those without indium.  For males, indium helps maintain the muscle mass normally lost to age-related declines in growth hormone and free testosterone.   Thus, for both male and female, indium results in more stable weight throughout life, without the ups and downs that our endanger health.

Thus, from all of the above we can surmise that indium accomplishes weight loss in several ways.

We know that indium has a beneficial effect on the thyroid gland.  By potentiating this gland, and helping support proper thyroid levels, more calories are burned and weight is normalized.  Some health experts have advocated using thyroid medications solely for their weight loss benefits.  Indium is certainly a less expensive and more physiologically beneficial alternative.

Indium also provides an energy boost to most, if not all, people who supplement it to their diet.  More energy usually results in more physical activity, thus providing a commensurate increase in calorie burning.  Increased activity, over time, results in greater muscle mass.  Since muscle tissues requires four times more calories to sustain itself than does fatty tissue, this raises the resting metabolic rate. 

Thus, even while sleeping, people burn more calories than their sedentary counterparts.  While it may sound astounding, it is indeed possible to lose weight while you are sleeping.  Proper attention to the metabolic rate will accomplish that very benefit.  Body builders have known this fact for years.  They work out for hours every day in order to strive to add pounds of muscle to their bodies.   As a result, some of them need to eat thousands upon thousands of calories every day just to maintain bodily functions.  For those of us not so inclined to work so hard and so long, indium supplementation provides much of the same benefits.

The implications of these findings are tremendously valuable for you and me.  First, we should supplement with indium if only to receive its health benefits, quite apart from weight loss.  For weight loss, indium may just be what we need to stop, and perhaps reverse, the age-related weight gain that comes so easily and is so hard to lose.  For those of us over 40 years of age, indium may make up for the normal decline of growth hormone, and perhaps even go beyond that, taking us to new levels of fitness, health and vibrant living.