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Excerpts from The Trouble With Salmon by Taras Grescoe

The unbelievable truth about salmon is that it may pose serious danger to your health and to the planet.
  90% of the fresh salmon eaten in the United States now comes from a farm. Industrial-scale fish farming promotes overcrowding, disease, contamination from pollutants, and over medication with pesticides.

Norwegian multinationals own most of the world's fisheries.  Here's what makes them so destructive:

1)  Wildlife - Confining millions of salmon in the wild attracts eagles, killer whales, and other predators.  Farmers are given permits to shoot seals and sea lions!!!
2)  Lights - These attract juvenile wild salmon, which are eaten by foreign Atlantic farmed salmon! 
3)  Pellets - American taxpayer dollars subsidize soy and make it a cheap ingredient for salmon fish meal.  Soy makes the farmed fish much higher in inflammatory omega-6s than wild salmon.  High omega-6 consumption can lead to a host of human health problems such as heart disease, depression, cancer, and Alzheimer's.
4)  Wild fish - Farmed salmon need an astonishing, unsustainable four pounds of wild-caught fish to grow one pound of flesh.  The feed is spiked with pesticides (to kill sea lice; and artificial colorants (to make the flesh of the fish pink.)
5)  Sea lice - Salmon farms attract sea lice, which then infect wild stocks.  A single louse can kill a juvenile fish.  (For a baby salmon, being infected with a single sea louse is the equivalent to having an adult raccoon attached to your abdomen.
6)  Seafloor - Feces mixes with un-eaten feed pellets to make the ocean floor ecosystem uninhabitable for shrimp and small fish.
7)  The Final Product - Farmed salmon contain up to 10 times more persistent organic pollutants--dioxins, PCBs...--than wild salmon.

In 2005, then-senator Ted Stevens of Alaska pushed through the country-of origin labeling (COOL) law for seafood.  In theory, requiring fishmongers to tell you where their fish comes from and whether it is wild or farmed.  In practice, wholesale markets, restaurant menus, and processed seafood are exempt; enforcement and fines are ridiculously low.  In a cross-country sting operation, Consumer Reports found that 56% of salmon labeled "wild" in supermarkets was actually farmed.  --That means you need to find a fishmonger you can trust. 

REMEMBER:  Wild Alaskan salmon is always the healthiest choice for your body and the planet, and farmed is generally never a good choice.


The lavender grown in the Young Living Farm is an authentic Lavandula angustifolia, which yields an oil low in camphor and rich in lavendulol and lavendulol acetate, believed to be one key to the thereapeutic action of Lavender. 

Please Note:  Camphor is an irritant.  Most lavender sold in the market has high camphor content and should not be used on the skin, much less an open wound or a burn.

Lavender vs Lavandin
It is important to make sure you use true lavender that has not been adulterated and has been distilled under low pressure and low temperature to maintain the therapeutic effects of the oil. Also, pleases keep in mind that most manufacturers are selling Lavandin and calling it Lavender.  Lavandin is a cheaper oil and is often used to extend the lavender. Lavandin is a hybrid lavender that is chemically very different from pure lavandula angustifolia. Lavandin contains high levels of camphor (12 to 18%) and will burn the skin. Imagine applying camphor to an open wound like a second or third degree burn. Ouch!!!

To learn more fascinating facts about Lavender, i.e. distillation, here

The Scoop On Omega-3s

Omega-3 fatty acids are foundational to good health.  These are just a few of the benefits:  improve brain health, lessen effects of depression, help burn fat faster, lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, ease the pain of rheumatoid arthritis, reduce the risk of Alzheimer's and senility...

Unfortunately, these long-chain fatty acids cannot be produced by our bodies so we must get them from our diets or supplementation. The Young Living Omega Blue soft gels provide a clinically proven dose of Omega-3 with a proprietary blend of essential oils to enhance the product and keep it fresh and protected.  The fish oil used in Omega Blue is harvested from small fish grown wild in pristine water and then gently refined to insure it is completely free of heavy metals, PCBs and dioxins, yet still maintain natural omega-3 ratios. 

To learn more about omega-3s and Omega Blue click here: 

About Omega-3s & Fish Oil

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