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A Word From Our Supplier
First lets discuss the different types of Wu-Long Tea:  Wu-long, Authentic Wu-Long, Wu-Yi, and Oolong Tea.  What is the difference?

There is no differnece!   The confusion arises when different suppliers sell the same tea under the various names it can take. Though "Wu Long" is the official phonetic translation from Chinese to English, it has also taken the names "Oolong," and "Wu Yi" under different translations.

One thing to note is that there can be no such thing as "authentic" or "fake" Wu Long tea. It is not a man-made product; it is simply tea leaves perpared by drying, roasting, etc. for drinking purposes. The difference in potency lies in the quality of freshness and artisinal preparation.

Also, Wu Long is an artisan craft, and there are many grades and qualities of Wu Long tea. If a company doesn't have pre-existing knowledge of Wu Long, they may have difficulty navigating the nuances of this artisan tea. This is because Wu Long, unlike green tea or black tea, has to be processed and then roasted at precisely the right moment to maximize the slimming effects and taste.

We have seasoned tea tasters stationed in China, as well as a long history of tea experience going back generations. No other company can say this. We fly in our Wu Long tea fresh and pack it fresh in the US so you don't have to worry about the quality!

In addition, we only purchase the freshest teas and then custom manufacture our teabags in small batches so that the potency of the tea is unparalleled. 

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and will happily guarantee our product without provisos. In addition, we have been rated highly by our customers as well as reviewers.

PLEASE NOTE:  Our tea bags are the only teabags that are two gram which is 100% more tea per teabag than other tea providers!