About Oolong Tea

Ever since Oprah and Rachel Ray endorsed Oolong tea for its fat burning capabilities, there has been a strong growing demand for Oolong Slimming Tea.

All tea made from the tea bush camelia sinensis, fall into three main categories:  Black teas, which are fully oxidized before drying by a careful withering process;  green teas, which are dried quickly while unoxidized;  and Oolongs, which are somewhere in the middle and combine the best qualities of both.

The Chinese have known about the wonderful benefits of oolong tea for thousands of years ranging from a number of health issues from headaches to depression.  Now-a-days it is used for a numbers of other applications such as the treatment of certain cancers and even heart disease.  But one relatively unknown fact is that oolong tea can help you burn fat - 2 1/2 times more than green tea and helps keep the extra pounds off and trim your physique.

Please remember:
All weight-loss programs are not the same. Those that focus only on either nutrition or exercise alone, without the combination of the two, are considered by health professionals to be unbalanced and possibly unhealthy.

Basics Of Tea

Obesity, Diabetes, & Coronary Heart Disease

Effects On Cholesterol Levels

Anti-mutagenic & Anti-carcinogenic Activity

Dental Health

Tea & Tobacco

Tea & Nutrition