Balance Complete

Whether you have packed a few pounds lately and are ready to get back in shape or if you just wish to optimize your health, Balance Complete is a great nutrient-dense meal replacement that will help you accomplish your goal. 


By substituting your least nutritious meal with a delicious and filling alternative, you’re cutting calories without experiencing hunger or feelings of deprivation.  Extreme measures can lead to binging on the high-calorie foods you miss and thus counteract any potential benefit—ensuring you don’t feel deprived is crucial to effective weight management.  Balance Complete is the answer to this conundrum; its delicious vanilla flavor and sustaining V-Fiber blend make it the ideal choice for a meal replacement.


It’s also Balance Complete’s unique V-Fiber blend that makes it nutritionally superior to other meal replacements on the market.  V-fiber is a proprietary Young Living formulation that is ideal for cleansing, weight-management, and maintaining overall health.  This exclusive blend delivers an astounding 11 grams of fiber per serving via a combination of both nutrient-dense and soluble fiber concentrates.  V-Fiber infuses the body with optimal viscosity and 100% natural fiber concentrations that form more bulk to improve elimination, absorb more toxins, and satisfy the appetite better than fiber blends offered with alternative meal replacements. 


In addition to the many dietary benefits received from Balance Complete’s V-Fiber blend, there are a variety of other nutritional facets to be gleaned from this tasty meal substitute.  Balance Complete is low in calories and has appetite-suppressing ingredients that leave you feeling full and satisfied hours after drinking it.  Also, Balance Complete’s one-of-a-kind formula improves toxin and fat elimination, enhances nutrient absorption, can support normal cholesterol levels, and nurtures probiotic and colon health.

Just two scoops in an 8oz glass of iced water is all you need.  (You can add a couple of drops of Tangerine Oil or another one of your favorite oils to make it even more delicious.


For those of you feel more drastic measures need to be taken, to combat gain weight or to achieve serious toxic cleansing while at the same time providing the body with a nutrient-packed regiment, try the: 
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