Olive Leaf Fights Allergies

Olive Leaf Fights Allergies

Fight Springtime Allergies with d-Lenolate®! 

Did you know that those runny noses, itchy eyes and scratchy throats felt by many of us this time of year an be attributed to a dysfunctional immune system overreacting to allergens like pollen, grass and weeds? 

According to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, the immune system produces antibodies during an allergic reaction.  Those antibodies then attach themselves to certain blood and tissue cells.  That action causes the release of Histamine, which is the chemical responsible for most allergy symptoms. 

Many allergy medications include histamine blocker to relieve the symptoms, but almost none get to the cause—an immune system burdened with pathogens.  Instead of targeting only the last phase of an allergic reaction, d-Lenolate® (Olive Leaf Extract) goes straight to the root of the problem by taking away the pathogenic burden that’s causeing the immune system to malfunction. 

d-Lenolate® is made by East Park Research, using a patented extraction process, which helps protect the potency and effectiveness of Oleuropein, an element found in the leaves of certain olive trees. 

By taking d-Lenolate® everyday, you are taking care of what takes care of you—your immune system!