Herbs, Spices & Teas
Anise, StarAnise, Star
Black CohoshBlack Cohosh
Burdock RootBurdock Root
Cayenne PowderCayenne Powder
Chamomile FlowersChamomile Flowers
Chia SeedsChia Seeds
Clay, BentoniteClay, Bentonite
Ginger RootGinger Root
Ginger, CrystallizedGinger, Crystallized
Hawtorne Leaf & FlowersHawtorne Leaf & Flowers
Hibiscus FlowersHibiscus Flowers
Lavender FlowersLavender Flowers
Milk ThistleMilk Thistle
Nettle Leaf C/SNettle Leaf C/S
Roses, PinkRoses, Pink
Roses, RedRoses, Red
Slique TeaSlique Tea
Turmeric RootTurmeric Root
Valerian RootValerian Root


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