10 Things To Remember



1. Our FaceLift masque delivers results with the first application.  Initial results will hold temporarily but each subsequent application will hold longer;  it is a cumulative process.  Some skin types will show noticeable results sooner than others, but everyone shows significant results after completing the 90 day program with applications of 3-4 times weekly.  


2.After completion of the 90 day program, maintaining your “Lift” will only require one application every seven to ten days.  This will make your maintenance program very, very economical.


3. Remember:  There are no beauty secrets, only beauty facts.  Applying a masque once a week (for stimulation of skin) is part of the five basic steps to lovely skin.  Also remember that when you apply a masque, it compromises the skin’s natural  pH mantel, creating a breeding ground for bacteria.  For this reason it is very important to follow up with antioxidant therapy which will restore the skins natural pH.  Tidal Wave offers excellent skincare products. 


4.    Applying the masque with a brush rather than using your hands, is much simpler, it goes on more evenly, and uses less product.  These brushes can be bought at a craft shop and are very economical. We sometimes have them on stock, if you can't find one in your local community give us a call and we'll try to help out.


5.  Before applying the masque, prepare the area where you will be resting while the masque dries.

Pillow – I like to place a pillow on my back with the edge of the pillow flush to my shoulders.  This allows my face to incline and my neck to stretch out for better drying.

Timer – Set the timer for 20-30 minutes; 30 minutes allows enough time for product to set.

Mirror – Have a mirror by your side so you can observe how the product dries.  As you watch it dry, it’ll give you clues of what to do better next time.  For example, did you accidentally put product on your upper eyelid?  Bringing product down to the bone below the eyebrow is okay, but you should not apply on eyelid since it has a very delicate membrane.  

Music – Listening to meditative type music is better for you than trying to watch TV or listening to the news.  Music will help relax the muscles of the face as the product is drying.  Meditating during this time will be good not only for your face, but also for your soul.

Headband – Using a headband with a wide elastic band that pulls tightly is ideal.  Also, wetting the hair along the hairline before putting the headband on will keep shorter bothersome hair out of the way when applying mask.


6.  The masque can be applied on the neck, décolletage, face, and hands.  Be sure to watch the DVD that teaches the application process at least three times.  The first time, to learn how to apply it;  the second time to see what you did wrong, and the third time to see what you are still doing wrong.  


7.  When applying the masque from the tip of the nose to your hairline and from the cheek to the temple, be sure you do not get product on the sides of your nose.  


8.  The amount of product you apply on your face is important.  If after application, you have globs of product on your face, you used too much.  If product on the neck flakes off before your face dries, you’ve used too little.  One tube is approximately a month’s supply if using only on face.


9.  Remember, if you are not seeing great results after a few applications, you are doing something wrong.  Give us a call to go over the application process with you.


10. DON’T FORGET TO RE-ORDER PRODUCT LONG BEFORE YOU NEED IT.  In fact, always have an extra tube or two available to allow for shipping time and/or shipping errors.