5-Day Nutritional Cleanse


Many health experts recommend cleansing as a normal, preventive practice, yet a majority of people only cleanse after they are sick or diseased.  Young Living’s 5-Day Nutritive Cleanse™ eases the process with a simple, energizing program that helps you say goodbye to the obstacles and excuses that prevent you from cleansing.  A minimum of four, short, easy cleanses a year with Young Living’s 5-Day Cleanse and continued nutritional maintenance will help balance the extremes of the modern diet.


The program consists of three products which can be ordered separate or as as a money-savings package.  Click each item below to learn more.

1)  Balance Complete™

2)  Ningxia Red®
3)  Digest + Cleanse


These three products along with an 8-12oz glass of water are to be taken 3 times a day for 5 days.  This will be your breakfast, lunch, and dinner.   A brochure is included with your package to help you determine what to eat between these 3 meals. [Most people that report losing at least 7lbs during the 5 days of the program, choose to eat nothing but raw vegetables in between the 3 assigned meals.]


Note from Blanca
When I first heard about the Young Living's 5-Day Nutritive Cleanse, I was excited to try it.  I knew that while on this program I would not only be ridding my body of toxins, but I would also at the same time nourishing my body with lots of vitamins, mineralts, and other healthy nutritients. When I did my first cleanse, I simply ate a very small amount of raw vegetables between meals (sometimes only ½ a walnut).  I was very surprised at how full I felt all day, dispite the fact that I am a big eater.  I was working hard when I did my first cleanse and still experienced a lot of energy.  After I completed the 5 day cleanse, I lost 7 lbs.  I had never done a cleanse before and was shocked to learn how nutrient-packed this particular cleanse was.  Before I did my cleanse, I never thought I would be able to do the four cleanses per year as Dr. Young had recommended.  I thought that was too much and thought it was going to be too challenging.  How surprisingly easy this was to do!


At Herbs & things we are here to support you with your first cleanse.  If you are serious about cleansing, this is the way to go.  If you are serious about wanting to loose weight, and are choosing to go on a diet, note that people who do a cleanse first have better outcomes in losing weight and sticking to their diet. 


If you wish to be included in a buddy-system let us know.  When I first did this nutritive cleanse, four of my friends joined me and we all were grateful for the support.  We would like your first experience with this cleanse to be as easy and enjoyable as it was for us.  Let’s loose weight and become healthier together!