Olive Leaf Promotes a Healthy Immune System

d-Lenolate stimulates production of phagocytes, the immune system cells. These phagocytes seek and destroy toxins. An interesting fact is that microbes have become resistant to most, if not all, antibiotics, they can never be resistant to phagocyte cells. Also, while antibiotics have been shown to impair one's immune system and eradicate the beneficial bacteria in the intestines, Olive Leaf Extract enhances the immune system and has no ill effect upon the natural flora of the intestines.

The microorganism Bacillus cereus contamination is often fatal; in fact, there is no known cure or medical treatment for it. "Tassou and Nychas, researchers at the Ministry of Agriculture in Athens, Greece published their findings in the Medical Journal Lancet and Applied Biochemistry indicating their findings that Olive Leaf Extract has been shown successful in inhibiting the germination and growth of the pathogen."