Olive Leaf  As An Anti-Microbial

Nosocomial infections are the new plague of the 90's. They do not respond to any known antibiotic! However, East Park's Olive Leaf Extract, d-Lenolate, boasts natural anti-microbial properties against viruses, retroviruses, bacteria, parasites, yeast, and fungus.


A new and ominous word Nosocomia has made its way into the English language. Nosocomial is defined as a hospital-acquired infection that is resistant to all known antibiotics. This word has become the dirge of the modern medical practitioner.


Death from infectious diseases have become the number # 3 killer behind cancer and heart disease. Each year, over 200,000 hospital patients experience nosocomial infections, and nearly 22,000 assumed room temperature as a direct result. Medical Researchers say that it will only get worse. The latest test indicate that the new Olive Leaf Extract developed by East Park Research meets and exceeds standards required to fight infectious diseases and other attacks upon the body.