World Leader Of Essential Oils

D. Gary Young:  Founder, Pioneer, and World’s Foremost Expert 

It was D. Gary Young’s passion and vision that first brought therapeutic-grade essential oils to America and his experience, dedication, and hard work are the foundation of Young Living’s position as the world leader.

Young Living has introduced over 85 different single oils to the marketplace and over 75 blends. 

Young Living is the first company to offer nutritional supplements enhanced with essential oils.  The oils act as catalysts to help deliver nutrients through the cell membranes while assisting in the removal of cellular waste and/or toxins in your body.  This makes our supplements more powerful and more effective than other supplement sin the market.

The bottom line is this:  when it comes to essential oils, Young Living reigns supreme!  Young Living is the World Leader in Essential Oils. 

Therapeutic-Grade Quality
Eighteen years ago Gary Young created the term therapeutic-grade.  There was not then, and there is not now, an organization other than Young Living Essential Oils qualified to certify an essential oil as therapeutic-grade. 

No one has more experience than Gary Young growing, harvesting, and distilling essential oils, and certainly no one has more experience using essential oils from household cleaning to everyday health and wellness as well as vast medical applications in a clinical setting.   He has led chemists, scientists, botanists, agronomists, and essential oil experts with the single purpose of ensuring that the Young Living standard represednts the optimal natural contituent profile of the oils. 

Diligence and Experience
Anyone can claim their oils are pure and potent, but until they have spent years and years studying the vast library of essntial oil science and know how to properly calibrate and operate Gas Chromatograph and Mass Spectrometers spspecifically for essential oil analysis and how to interpret that analysis, they would likely not even know the difference between a natural or synthetic compound. 

We continually combine our expanding world knowledge with years of experience analyzing thousands of oil batcher and the accompanying GC and MS analyses.  To further ensure quality, we constantly check our reults against trusted third-party laboratories.  Especially helpful for us are long-time relationships with prestigious organizations like AFNOR and ISO and the benchmarks they have established.   

However, we cannot solely rely on them for our internal standard.  The fact that we have distilled, analyzed, and conducted research on such a large variety of plants from around the world places our knowledge and standard at an even higher level. 

We consider the trust our customers place in us an honor and want to educate and protect them from the disappointment of lesser quality oils.  Every Young Living essential oil is of the highest quality and therapeutic-grade.  We do not sell essenetial oils that fall short of our standard.  Most recently, we rejected halp a million dollars of rare helichrysum when it failed to meet optimal potency.  Sadly, the oils we reject will often find their way into the marketplace through lesser brands. 

Our commitment to unmatched sourcing began in the early days when Gary Young traveled the world and personally inspectted the crops, harvesting, and distilling operations of the suppliers of oils he did not grow himself.  He would personally smell, touch, and sometimes taste theoils before purchasing.   He formed partnerships with trusted suppliers with whom we continue to work today.  While Gary can no longer personally test every batch, he has established rigorous requirements and protocols and has personally mentored and trained many of the scientists and professinals who watch over every step of our oil production. 

A naturally gifted and enthusiastic teacher, Gary realized early on that a large part of his stewardship was to share his discoveries and knowledge with the world.  He was the first to take the science of essential oils along with their usage and application and put it into an educational format that could be taught, understood, and easily applied by virtually anyone.   

A large part of why Young Living Essential Oils exists is the vision of taking therapeutic-grade essential oils to every home.  We are accomplishing this by empowering and inspiring a volunteer army of caring, committed, and bold distributors.  More than 250,000 strong, they are largely responsible for the current re-emergence of therapeutic-grade essential oils in the marketplace.  However, we are not simply in the business of selling oils.  We are in the business of teaching and mentoring people to a better, healthier, and more abundant lifestyle.

Humanitarian Efforts

Gary and Mary Young firmly believe that a vital key to Young Living’s continued success is a willingness to give back. They believe the more we give, the more we grow, which constantly inspires us to share the gifts and abundance we receive by serving and helping others.


In  2004, Gary and several Young Living employees traveled to Copper Canyon in Durango, Mexico, to build two schools and put in a water system for a remote Tarahumara Indian village. 

Young Living founded the D. Gary Young Foundation:  New Life Outreach, which supports philanthropic causes worldwide.

In more recent years:

February 20, 2010
Over $50,000 donated to support Healing Hands For Haiti

Jan 18, 2010
D. Gary Young Foundation joins in effects of "Give a Dam" Projects

November 5, 2009
You Can Thrive