Our goal at Herbs & things is to assist you in your quest for optimal well-being.  We accomplish this through personal service and customer education. 

Herbs & things has been in business for over 14 years.  We are totally committed to bringing the best products at the best prices.  We would never think of selling you a product we would not use personally.    All our products from herbal supplements, to essential oils, skin care products... are well researched.  We specifically look for manufacturers who take pride in developing the very highest quality products in their class.  We avoid products from companies that are more concerned with marketing and profits rather than quality and integrity.

Herbs & things was founded by Blanca DePaul.  Blanca has a Master's in Education and a Bachelor's in Comparative Linguistics from Temple University.  She turned to whole food nutrition after a bout with cancer in the mid '80s.  She eventually used this newfound knowledge to switch careers and to become a holistic nutritionist which she has done for the past 20 years.  Her studies have included everything from studying Chinese herbal medicine to Live Cell Microscopy.  Through her work with live blood analysis, she awakened to the powerful healing capabilities of organic herbs and therapeutic-grade essential oils.  Her subsequent focus has been on the study of herbal remedies and aromatherapy for transforming the physical, spiritual, and emotional body.